A fantasy adventure in the days of Noah

Son of the Doomsday Prophet

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Nobody said the end of the world would be easy.

In the days before the Great Flood, Noah’s prophecy of impending doom incites opposition wherever he goes.

Although Jayfeth is an unlikely hero, being the son of the doomsday prophet thrusts him into extraordinary adventures and danger. Shunned by their tribe for building the ark, the family is soon ensnared in the palace intrigues of the giant Nephilim. All the while, a growing menace from otherworldly forces in the east devastates the land and its people.

As Jayfeth struggles with his own inner doubts, insidious foes resort to ever more threatening measures to coerce him into abandoning the quest. While he seeks what happiness may be found along this perilous way, even his attempts at finding love seem ill-fated as the disaster foretold draws ever nearer.

Journey with Jayfeth through the final days leading up to the worst catastrophe in the history of the world—a time when taking a stand means risking everything and failure could spell the doom of humankind.

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