Your ‘Donate Now” button is not enough

After years of internal struggles with managers, marketers and IT departments, development teams have finally succeeded in achieving nearly universal placement of online donation buttons on nonprofit websites.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that online donation buttons are just one link in the chain of donor engagement, and for many organizations, the other links are still weak or non-existent.Merrigan KC Fundraising 360 Report

A recent study by Merrigan & Co. investigated online fundraising communication practices of 30 Kansas City nonprofits of all sizes and identified a number of missed opportunities.

Chief among these was failure to take full advantage of the chance an online donation provides to move donors to deeper levels of engagement. Specifically, the report recommends not stopping communications with simply acknowledging the gift.

“This is your chance to put a communications plan in action that not only platforms for an ask down the road, but also emphasizes your organization’s value and effectiveness in the meantime. These messages should begin to introduce a more familiar tone that creates a sense of partnership with the donor. Develop the sense that the donor is not outside your organization, but very much an inside and integral part of it.”

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