Collaboration with Wide Awake Films based on shared passion for telling compelling stories

I first met Wide Awake Films co-founders Ed Leydecker and Shane Seley in 2013 in connection with a client project for the Friends of Arrow Rock. The Friends were seeking to make a documentary about artist George Caleb Bingham, Arrow Rock’s favorite son. I searched nationwide for the best film company for this project, thinking we would probably have to look to Hollywood or New York City to get the level of quality we wanted. I was delighted to discover the best was right here in Kansas City.

WAF logoWhat initially captured my attention was WAF’s experience in historical recreations. We did not just want a bunch of talking heads and cameras panning over still photographs. Bingham, my client and our benefactor who is funding the project deserved more. We wanted to bring this fascinating character to life and felt like inter-weaving dramatic scenes with expert commentary was the way to go. In this respect, Wide Awake Films was hands down the best. They have won several Emmys to prove it.

What really won me over, though, was the connection we made at our first meeting. Shane, Ed and I immediately hit it off and I knew they were the right fit for the project. Three years later, the documentary is nearing completion. You can follow this link to read more about The American Artist: The Life and Times of George Caleb Bingham.

Since the quality of the work has been so gratifying and we have enjoyed working with each other so much, it was only natural that the question would arise of what else we could do together. Now we will have a chance to answer that question as we have recently formalized a collaborative arrangement. From full-length documentaries to retrospectives at annual meetings to interactive exhibits, we offer script-to-screen service, an extensive library of stock footage and a commitment to quality that is unsurpassed.

I have always had a passion for telling compelling stories and understood their importance in educating people, touching their hearts and motivating them to act. But working with the team at Wide Awake Films has really opened my eyes to the power of visual storytelling. I look forward to working with clients to harness this power to engage their constituencies. Moving images move people!