Son of the Doomsday Prophet

Son of the
Doomsday Prophet

A fantasy adventure in the days of Noah

Journey with Jayfeth through the final days leading up to the worst catastrophe in the history of the world—a time when taking a stand means risking everything, and failure could spell the doom of humankind.

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Meet the author

Steven Byers is a consultant and writer living in rural western Missouri. His first novel The Life of Your Time was a Top 10 category pick by the American Library Association’s Booklist magazine.

A Thought-Provoking, Eye-Opening Adventure

“With a catchy title, an amazing cover, and a unique premise, author Steven J. Byers presents readers with an unexpected thrill ride in “Son of the Doomsday Prophet … What Byers has done is extraordinary … I am impressed beyond measure with the nature of this work … It is a strikingly profound story with depths as deep as the sea and yet as transparent as crystal … I heartily recommend “Son of the Doomsday Prophet” to those who enjoy historical fiction as well as thrillers, epic fantasies, adventures, and even horror stories. Young adults and teens will enjoy this work as well. This is a genre-busting work with great characters, intense emotions, quests, romance, politics, spies, dysfunctional families.”

Terri Stepek

Reader Views Book Review

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The World-Building is Spectacular

“Son of the Doomsday Prophet by Steven Byers is an exceptionally well-plotted and fresh take on one of the oldest and most well-known stories known to man … [He] fleshes out a short but significant story into an epic fantasy, and it is really, really good … The world-building is spectacular … Very highly recommended.

Jamie Michele

Reader’s Favorite Book Review

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An Excellent Combination of History and Fantasy

“I loved every minute of it … The author did a fabulous job of telling the story and showing readers how this character grows and changes throughout as he fights for his future and his family. The plot of the story is very creative and the book is so well-written. The descriptive writing makes the reader feel that they are right there and a part of the history that is happening. Each of the characters in the story, from the main ones to the secondary ones, is perfectly developed, and we come to know each and everyone of them. They were all very realistic and we were given the chance to see not only their triumphs but the difficulties that they faced throughout their lives leading up to the last moments of the book … Showing it through the eyes of Jayfeth rather than his father was an excellent idea and really made the story so much more interesting … Son of the Doomsday Prophet is an excellent combination of history and fantasy.”

Kathy Stickles

Feathered Quill Book Reviews

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An Action-Packed and Thrilling Adventure

“Son of the Doomsday Prophet is a thrilling, shocking, and memorable novel that will take its readers on a fast-paced and captivating journey from page one … [It] puts a twist on a classic tale and it makes for a brilliant and unforgettable read that shouldn’t be missed … The result is an incredibly entertaining story that I will not forget for a long time … A magnificent, sensational, and entertaining book that will easily entertain its readers and captivate them for many hours.”

Aimee Ann

Red Headed Book Lover Reviews

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An Unforgettable Read

“This thought-provoking novel follows Jayfeth, Noah’s eldest son, as he navigates the harrowing final moments of the world’s cataclysmic demise. Byers delivers a mesmerizing journey through ancient history that will leave you questioning and inspired … It captivates readers with its fast-paced narrative, heart-wrenching moments, and epic action sequences. This gripping story skillfully combines timeless biblical truths with compelling storytelling, making it an unforgettable read. Byers is a master storyteller who effortlessly integrates these truths into the thoughts and actions of his characters, without coming across as preachy.”

James B

Authors Reading Book Review

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